Our services covers most of your company’s accounting and business administration needs. We take care of many of our clients’ accounting matters by remotely using their own accounting systems. Our clients have the option of managing their own accounts by using B & V’s accounting software online. With our electronic invoicing service, we can take efficient care of your purchase invoices – receiving, circulating and paying them. Of course, we can also send and receive invoices in PDF format.

We are familiar with:

  • Accounting, VAT reports, financial statements, tax declarations and tax planning
  • Salary calculation and employer issues
  • Invoicing and accounts ledgers
  • Payment transactions
  • Electronic accounting systems
  • Company issues such as founding, conversions, share issues, fusions, purchase of own shares and more
  • General business law, such as purchase deeds and contracts
  • Project accounting, applications, budgets, calculations and business planning
  • Company consultation and participation in different management groups
  • Insurance and finance related arrangements
  • Organization of business courses and lectures
  • Nearby all the reports and accounts that the company gives to authorities, organisations, investors and so on.